Contact Details

Contact Details:


4321 Crestone Cir

Broomfield, CO 80023

Home Office:

 (303) 459-2077


 (303) 648-1958

 (720) 469-0192



Private Bag 2

Bvumbwe, Malawi

+011 265 1 917 691

+011 265 9 99 145 974




Weather and Suitable Clothing


March 15th is the beginning of the cool, dry season when the temperature runs from about 20c in the evening to a high of about 32c in the day with a chance of showers. 


In May the temperature starts dropping. June and July are the coldest months, when the night temperatures can get as low as 9c but usually average 15c and the daytime highs are 21-26c. Sometimes during this time of the year we get a cool, rainy season with a misty rain, and the temperature will stay between 12c and 17c day and night.


In mid August it starts to warm up and by mid September we have temperatures of mid to high 30’s. October is the hottest month with daytime temperatures of high 30’s to mid 40’s (Celsius). At night 22-26c.


The rainy season starts anytime after mid October. The temperatures are more moderate, but some days can be in the high 30’s with high humidity before rainfall.  Most rain comes in the form of thundershowers. It can rain a couple of inches in about 20 minutes. The rainy season usually continues until mid March but has been known to end as early as January or as late as June.


From the above you can decide what clothing you will need to bring. Remember, there is heating and air-conditioning in our Missionary Guest Lodge.



Other Things to Bring


Here are a few other things to bring for your trip:

  • Water Bottle
  • Mosquito Spray
  • Aloevera rub for burns or solarcaine
  • Hat for sunny or rainy weather
  • Sun tan lotion at least 50spf
  • Sunglasses




Most airlines now have a weight restriction of two checked bags at 50lbs and two carry-on bags at 20lbs total with one being a computer or briefcase.


We recommend you travel with the maximum luggage. That way, if you have extra room you are able to bring along some goodies for our team and children.




There are a number of ways to travel within the country. Air Malawi flies between major points, a bus system connects major points as well, and then there are the mini buses. We own several vehicles which will most likely be your mode of transport. However, if you wish to travel on your own, the mini bus system can get you just about anywhere.


Hints to Help You with Air Travel


This is a long trip in which you will be crossing over multiple time zones (5-7), depending on what time of the year you come. We suggest you walk around as much as you can while you are in the airports, as this helps to prevent swelling in your legs. Also, drink lots of water and get up and walk around the plane. Flexing you feet forward and back often as you are sitting in the plane will also help. 


If you are connecting in Johannesburg, an overnight stay may be required. We usually book at the Airport Game Lodge which is near the airport and provides complimentary shuttle service and a full breakfast.



Medications to Bring




Bring any normal medications you may need. You may want to bring some aspirin and cold meds. Also, we recommend that you bring “Mega Acidophilus”, a culture that helps digest the different foods and water that you are not used to. We also recommend you bring meds for diarrhea, which might be a problem. Also please let us know of any and all medical conditions you may have so we can be prepared to help in the best way possible.


Please let us know of any dietary requirements i.e. strict vegetarian, moderate vegetarian, restricted foods etc.





When you arrive in Blantyre, you will clear immigration and customs first. Make sure to bring you yellow immunization card. The residence address you'll visit is “Private Bag 2, Bvumbwe” and the phone number of “01 145 974”. Reason for visit “Vacation/Holiday”


They typically want to know what you are bringing into the country and will possibly check the contents of one bag. Tell the agent the luggage contains your  personal belongings for your stay with friends in Malawi at Healing Hope Missions in Bvumbwe.

Re-entry / Close



Most people think they will go through culture shock coming into a third world county, in fact some do; however, the biggest culture shock for most is going back to the first world country. The struggle you may go through when returning is what we call “re-entry.”  Check out “missionary re-entry” on the internet for more information on this