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4321 Crestone Cir

Broomfield, CO 80023

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 (303) 459-2077


 (303) 648-1958

 (720) 469-0192



Private Bag 2

Bvumbwe, Malawi

+011 265 9 99 145 974

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Irrigated Garden

We have two boreholes (wells) onsite and use them for our facilities and our garden. This garden has drip irrigation. We make our own compost with organic materials. No chemicals nor fertilizers, totally organic! Our garden is 1 acre using zero tillage. Rural small farmers and local villagers are amazed at the results we produce through Farming God's Way and see first hand what is possible. We train utilizing the "Farming God's Way" principles (see the website for detailed information on these principles


Preparing our compost pile

      Demonstration Garden

We use our demonstration garden area for practical application and for local farmers seminars and training. They are always amazed at the fertility and productivity of  our small garden, commenting that we must be blessed by God.  Our farming operations help support and feed our team, widows and orphans.

Poulty Operations - Egg Production


We house laying hens which are well cared for, an excellent source of protein. With 2,500 layers we collect 2,400+ eggs per day,

Our customers and distributors book in advance.


Eggs Produced

Our hens are well fed, we even sing to them while caring for them and collecting the eggs.



We raise over 9,000 day old chicks every 7 weeks. This operation supports our schools, and provides meals for our team and children.

(Our poultry operations provide plenty of natural material to create our own compost and fertilizer for our garden and church branches.)